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  • 401K Plans
  • Group Disability
  • Business Continuation
  • Key Man Insurance
  • SEP IRA's & Simple IRA
  • Individual Disability

Retirement Plan Comparison Chart 

For a comparison chart, click here.

1. This is a design option that the plan may or may not permit.

2. Plans with fewer than 100 participants must deposited employee deferrals no later than seven business days after the date the amount is withheld.

3.There is an exception to this rule which allows an employee who retires during the calendar year in which they turn 55, or later, to withdraw without penalty.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This chart provides a high level comparison of the features and benefits of the plans included and is not intended as a comprehensive or detailed review of each plan type. It is intended to be general in nature. As a result, exceptions to each plan feature can exist. Be sure to consult with a professional retirement planner or expert before you act on any information contained in this chart.

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